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W. H. Mullins, Industrialist

W. H. Mullins, Industrialist
William Harold Mullins was founder of the W. H. Mullins Co. (Mullins Mfg. Co.), and one of our city’s greatest benefactors. He did for Salem what Henry Ford did for Detroit. Both built large industries that positively affected the lives of entire communities, and the world. His company produced a wide variety of products that were marketed internationally. For 50 years he devoted a great portion of his time and money to community projects, such as the City Hospital, Hannah Mullins Home for Nurses, Liberty Loan campaigns, the Red Cross and Memorial Building.

In 1912 he donated over half the cost of building the hospital, and then equipped the operating room with the most costly instruments available; equipment not commonly found in small towns. In 1924 he donated $100,000 to construct Salem’s War Memorial Building in memory of World War I servicemen. He died on March 6, 1932 at the age of 76. In 1991 Mullins St. and the W. H. Mullins Memorial Park were named in his behalf to honor his lasting marks on our city.
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